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Ready to Occupy

              A new world is  beckoning. In such times where the need for  healthy living is gaining importance, we at Sophia Builders  believe that a home should be one that not only helps us to stay safe but also to ourselves by  becoming   self sufficient with Sophia Elanza  you can own   a beautiful villa in 4.2 cents.of land,    that is  amidst    beautiful greenery and yet near to all the basic civic amenities Located  at Onamkulamnear Vengola in Perumbavoor The villas will be available with two and three bedroom options.The  three bedroom villas are two storied while the two bedroom villas are a single storied structure.Each of the plots will have a dedicated space for vegetable garden. The villas are part of a gated community.

            These  villas  are  ideal  if  you  are  looking to  invest  in  a  residential  property early  in  your  life,  or  looking to retreat into a quiet and pollution free environment after retirement. Couples who are beginning to settle down in life,    will also find the villas on offer at Elanza to be just the right choice with scope for further expansion to the living space as their family expands.

             Elanza seeks to embody the future of modern living. A future that helps one stay true to his roots and also enjoy modern living comforts.



  • Strategically located at a half an hour driving distance from the airport, Aluva railway station and Infopark.
  • Ideal for young couples looking to invest in their first residential property.
  • Perfect combination of modern comforts and pollution free environment for those looking to enjoy life after retirement.
  • Built to enable a self sufficient form of living for residents.



Home Options


Your home is Ready-To-Live. At Sophia, We finish projects first and then open it for sale. So you can see your home in its actual view and not just 3D generated images.


Sophia Elanza is an affordable luxury villa. We wish to call it in that way. By managing process directly, we are able to save more on construction and that is reflected in lowering the cost.

Elanza, an ideal choice!

Medical care

The location has some of the best medical care in Cochin. Multi speciality hospitals, Aurvedic centres and more. Access to these hospitals are really easy from Sophia Elanza

Floor Plans